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Build Info

Build Info

There’s so much to add, the top of the list are my two good friends that helped build FranknJeep every step of the way for 3 years.  I can’t thank these two enough not only for all the help, but also the 30+ years of friendship!!!

Chad Carter (Sensei) of Chad Carter Automotive in American Fork, Utah

Kendall Glines of Lone Peak Collision Repair in Midvale, Utah.  AKA @TJ_Truck

Rich Burgi Owner operator of @TheRealFranknJeep

Like most builds, you get so involved in what you’re doing, it’s hard to stop progress and take pictures.  I’ll start posting what I have where it makes sense.

  • Front Dana 60 narrowed 3 inches.
  • Rear Corporate 14 shaved and narrowed 3 inches
  • Lockers with Yukon 5.38 gears
  • Yukon Chromoly shafts (Front)
  • Yukon Super Joints
  • Yukon 35 spline hubs
  • Nitto Trail Grapplers (First set) 40X13.50X17r
  • Current Tires: Maxxis Razors 40X13.50X17r 
  • Raceline RockCrusher wheels
  • Raceline Beadlocks coming soon!
  • High Steer knuckles
  • Hydro assist box and 1.5 inch Ram.
  • GM Hydro Boost
Engine/Fuel delivery:
  • 2007 GM LS 6.0 Lq4 (Iron Block) 70k
  • LS3 Heads
  • Comp Cam
  • ZL1 Hat
  • Factory CTS-V supercharger
  • Factory pulleys
  • Fabricated intercooler
  • Fabricated intercooler tank
  • Fabricated Fan shroud 
  • Y-body manifolds
  • Magnaflow muffler
  • 3.5 inch to rear
  • GenRight Crawler Alum Fuel tank
  • GenRight Highline fenders (coming soon)
  • 450 liter per hour Warbro pump
  • Factory 4L85e with 50k
  • GM 241 slip yoke eliminated
  • Atlas currently being built
  • Corbeau Baja RS seats
  • New seats currently being built